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I grew up learning to work with my hands - it was a skill set that my father felt necessary to pass along to all of his sons, and one I often take for granted. Those lessons learned while tinkering on motors and engines transcended the physical ability to complete manual labor - they taught me how to think on my feet, to generate quick (often creative, sometimes quirky) solutions, and to "get the job done right" the first time. While I've come a long way from those afternoons working alongside of my father, these lessons have carried me into running a successful flooring business today. Through careful preparation and planning, and with the ability to adapt and adjust along the way, there is no project too big or small to accomplish when you love what you do. 

When I started Weiss Innovations, I knew that I wanted it to be based upon two things - an excellent product and top-tier customer service. Whether its your home or business, Weiss Innovations has been striving to go above and beyond to deliver the best results possible - let us change what you walk on!

Christopher Weiss
Owner & Founder Weiss Innovations LLC

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