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OTHER SERVICES:  Let's get the job done right

These services can bring your home or work place up to code!


What it is: 

Troweled cove base is often referred to as sanitary base or integral cove base.

What we do: 

The base is installed in a fashion that once fully installed is integrated into the floor with no grout lines or seams. This is highly recommended in areas that need to be kept clean, like kitchens and commercial areas, garages, laundry rooms & bathrooms.


What it is: 
Concrete that has been poured less than one month is considered green concrete.

What we do: 

It is not recommended to install most coatings on substrates at this time, however, there are newer options that can be installed in this scenario. If a faster turnaround is needed, we can supply products that can be applied. Options are available in both epoxy and cement based urethane systems.


What it is: 
Available with most flooring systems.

What we do: 

Waterproofing and Crack Isolation utilizes an elastomeric epoxy system that is installed underneath the finished floor. The product we currently use has a 80% elongation and will allow some movement  With the addition of fiberglass mesh this system is perfect for isolating cracks.

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