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Acid Stained Concrete

What is an Acid Stained Concrete Floor? 

An Acid Stained Concrete floor utilizes a surface with an applied reactive stain. There are various colors to choose from, and designs and applications are endless. All Concrete Slabs will accept the reactive stains differently, so a test section is usually suggested. Stains are then sealed with various products such as Epoxies and Urethanes. 


What are the common uses for Acid Stained Concrete Floors? 

  • Exterior Applications such as patios, driveways, and pavillions

  • Garages 

  • Residential Living Spaces - entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, and more!

  • Commercial spaces - show rooms, office areas

  • Man Caves - get your teams' logo added to your floor!

Why pick an Acid Stain?


Acid Stain offers advantages and is a truly decorative and universal application to sealing and beautifying your concrete floors. The following can be considered the most important advantages: 

  • Permanent color with multiple variations and applications.

  • Acid Staining has the ability to cut logos or designs into the concrete for truly custom finishes. 

  • Acid Stain can be applied to create the illusion of intricate tile work on a concrete surface.  

  • Applied in a painterly fashion, the acid stain can make concrete floors look like polished stone or marble. 

  • Can be sealed with Epoxy, Urethane, or Single-Component Sealers to protect the finish and your flooring. 

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