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Why pick Troweled Rubber?


Troweled Rubber Systems offer a colorful and inviting space to your indoor and outdoor flooring needs! The following can be considered the most important advantages: 

  • Can be applied over existing concrete with quick cure times.

  • Has multiple Indoor and Outdoor uses - the sky is the limit!

  • Multiple color options and combinations available, with varying sizes in granules to range from the most eye-popping color to the subtlest neutral tones.

  • Creates a non-slip, softer walking space that is easy on the feet and body whether in a play area, at the gym or alongside your pool. 

  • Remains cool to the touch in warm weather so your patio will feel cooler in the summer. 

Troweled Rubber Systems

What is a Troweled Rubber System? 

A system that consists of EPDM rubber granules (brand new, not-recycled rubber) mixed with a Single-Component Urethane and troweled to thickness of approximately .25". 


What are the common uses for Troweled Rubber Floors? 

  • Patios

  • Pool Decks

  • Children's play areas or rec rooms

  • Driveways 

  • Gyms & Workout areas

  • Playgrounds

  • Athletic and Sporting Good Venues

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